1. Some of these remind me of the work of Erté. They are wonderful. The fourth one would be a fine Lady Macbeth. Thanks, as ever, for the intro.


  2. I thought Orphne’s work reminded me of Erte as well! Out of curiosity, I looked them both up and found that Erte was actually a pseudonym for the Russian born French artist! Erte was taken from the French pronunciation of the initials RT (Roman Tyrtov) Then, I discovered this: “Orphne is a girl’s name from Greek lore. It was the name of a nymph (Possibly of the River Styx?) who lived in Hades.” And from her bio: ” I am painter and Illustrator inspired by antiquity, mythology and medieval times… and I studied fashion and art history in a Parisian school.” And now I’m following Orphne on Instagram! Thanks Thom, love a new addition to my wall of artists. x


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