5 from glenda jackson

It’s appalling that there have to be movements organized to give human beings the right to be human beings in the eyes of other human beings.

I used to believe that anything was better than nothing. Now I know that sometimes nothing is better.

In a way, the best politics and best theatre are trying to answer the same questions – who are we, why are we, how do you create a society where there is genuine acknowledgement of the individuality of every single person on this Earth? How can we work and live together with those differences between us as individuals? The really good end of both theatre and politics is just trying to show us how difficult it is.

Human nature is immutable. The human condition can be changed. It can be improved. It can be made worse. But human nature doesn’t change.

Two things I find amazing about being old. One is realising how little I know… it just astonishes me. The more you live, the bigger the library of stuff you don’t know. The other thing is that the internal you doesn’t change. It’s the external envelope that won’t obey orders as quickly as you would like. You bend down to pull up a weed and your knees don’t want to get up.

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