1. Thombeau – great stuff, sir. I wasn’t previously aware of Polidori’s work, so thank you for the introduction, I found your selection here particularly interesting. I love the eerie, haunting quality of these seemingly deserted interiors. I’ve visited many palaces, mansions and stately homes over the years but these views convey a slight frisson. They also remind me, although so different in medium and execution, of the uncanny atmosphere present in many of the paintings of Vilhelm Hammershoi of Denmark.

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    • Hi there! It was difficult to limit my selection to only five images. As is often the case here! I’ve done very little traveling and thus live vicariously through other people’s photos. It hadn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it but these really are similar to Hammershoi. Just on a grander scale!

      In case you hadn’t seen, I’ve done a Hammershoi post a while back. I love his work. The documentary is also worth checking out.


      Have a good weekend. Whatever that even means anymore!


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