preston klik: winter20

Full disclosure: this is a project I am involved with, so complete objectivity may be impossible. But while I might be a bit biased, it is a lovely album so I thought I’d share. This is calming, meditative music. The tracks are long and take their time, meandering like incense smoke and releasing their perfume hither and yon. Multi-instrumentalist Preston Klik collaborates with a number of skilled musicians and vocalists, creating emotional dreamscapes that are less about meaning and more about feeling. Ethereal voices weave a mystical tapestry, and Ari Urban’s subtle yet soaring violin is the glorious thread that ties it all together. A few tracks are purely instrumental; some are delicately danceable. “(In the Court of the) Crimson Queen” features singing by yours truly! Every song has moments of ineffable beauty, from opener “Sacred Path (A Healing Duet)” through the sublime closing number, “Mystikal”. This album is a welcome respite from current events. Give it a listen and let it carry you away.

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  1. Thank YOU, Thom, for adding your unique vocal perspective to some of these tracks. I’m SO glad we get to make music together on occasion. And I loved making this album! Blessings upon you, my friend. ❤

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