josephine wiggs: we fall

Too engaging to be considered purely ambient, these instrumental tracks gradually unwind, drawing the listener into a poignant realm that one might not expect from the name behind it. Josephine Wiggs is best known as bassist for the Breeders, but on We Fall (2019) she showcases a more contemplative side. These piano-based pieces call to mind aspects of Harold Budd’s work, and to me that’s always good. With it’s stirring drums, opener “37 Steps” almost touches on the lighter side of post-rock (if indeed there is such a thing). Other songs feature cello, mellotron, and a dash of electronics. There are vocals on the title track, adding an emotional element. Subtly rhythmic glitches appear on “In a Yellow Wood”. “The Weeping of the Rain” is a melancholy yet gently rocking high point. The entire album is lovely and I definitely look forward to more.

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