trigg & gusset: adagio for the blue

Adagio for the Blue (2015) is a perfect soundtrack for the film noir of your dreams. A jazzy, late night feel is evoked by the opening track and sustained for the length of this marvelous album. Sultry sax and tinkling piano drift through minor chords and atmospheric electronics, suggesting smoky bars and furtive rendezvous. This is make-out music on a cinematic scale. A few songs vary the mood, keeping things fresh. “Madagascar” would be right at home on a Nordic jazz compilation, while “Tortuga” features some stunning flamenco guitar. “The Vault” sounds like something Julee Cruise would appear on, only to resolve into a refrain of melancholy beauty. Things reach a climax with the final number, “Primrose Path”, as triumphant horn blasts celebrate something overcome and transcended. Adagio for the Blue is enticing and highly addictive. You may find yourself craving a cigarette and a cocktail, even if you don’t smoke or drink! Watch the movie instead – the one that’s playing in your head while you listen to this album on repeat.

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